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Raven Door Seals

Raven Door Seals: Superior Door Solutions with Avoca Architectural Hardware

When it comes to architectural hardware, few can compare to Avoca Architectural Hardware, the Central Coast’s premier supplier. Renowned for its dedication to architects, builders, and the general public alike, Avoca Architectural Hardware holds an enviable reputation in the field. Not only does it supply high-quality products, but it also significantly enhances the safety and aesthetics of homes and offices. Among its range of premium products, one stands out for its exceptional functionality and design—Raven Door Seals.

Raven Door Seals: More Than Just Weatherproofing

Raven Door Seals, supplied by Avoca Architectural Hardware, bring more to your doorstep than just excellent weatherproofing. These products are of excellent quality and exhibit multipurpose functionality, meeting the requirements of Building Regulations for fire control, energy saving, and mobility. It’s possible to achieve all these with a single seal or a combination of seals and threshold plates.

Types of Raven Door Seals

When choosing a door seal, it’s crucial to understand the various types available to ensure you select one that perfectly suits your needs. Here are the types of door seals available in the Raven range:

Glass Door Seals:

These seals are designed specifically for glass doors, offering a tight seal while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the glass.

Door Bottom Seals

Commonly constructed as sweep seals, these are designed to fill the gap between the door bottom and the floor. They come with an aluminium holder and a flexible strip of rubber or brush strip.

Threshold Plates

These can work in conjunction with door bottom seals, offering extra protection against weather conditions.

Acoustic Door Bottom Seals

A special type of door bottom seal designed to minimise noise transfer through the door.

Door Perimeter Seals

Designed to seal the gaps around the edges of the door, ensuring energy efficiency and reducing sound transmission.

Magnetic Door Seals

These seals use magnetic force to create a tight seal, ideal for ensuring energy efficiency.

Brush Strip Seals

These seals use a flexible brush strip to stop air, dust, light, and insects from passing through the door gap.

The Advantage of Raven Door Seals

One of the many reasons why Raven Door Seals are highly sought after is the ease of adjustment post-installation without needing to remove the door. This guarantees an optimum seal and maintained performance even in the face of minor building movement. Additionally, automatic door bottom seals are mechanically spring-loaded to clear the floor when the door opens and tightly seal when closed. They can be face mounted or fully concealed, and can operate efficiently over uneven floor surfaces.

Avoca Architectural Hardware’s commitment extends beyond providing top-quality Raven Door Seals and other architectural hardware. We are passionate about offering exceptional expertise, enthusiasm, and old-school customer service. With us, you can count on premium designer architectural hardware and locksmith services that consistently meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

When you choose Avoca Architectural Hardware for your Raven Door Seals, you’re opting for superior design, quality, and service. Trust us to provide the sealing solution that your doors need.

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