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Avoca Architectural Hardware Central Coast & surrounding suburbs, is a major supplier of architectural hardware to the residential and commercial market on the Central Coast.

We are a specialist distributor of architectural hardware and associated products for the construction industry, and provide a large range of Australian and international brands. We are committed to constantly improving the services we provide to our Central Coast customers.

Our strength lies in the brands we stock and sell. This is a reflection of our reputation for professionalism, quality and marketing ability.

We are efficient and reliable architectural hardware providers to the commercial and residential building sectors and operate under stringent controls to maintain our high level of service and excellence.

We have worked for many years to build an enviable reputation and stand out as the preferred supplier of architectural hardware and associated products to many local building projects.

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What is Architectural Hardware?

Architectural Hardware relates to hardware elemements  such as hinges , locks, catches, knobs and handles that are specifically included in the basis of any house.  They serve a practical function, but also a decorative one, and may be considered part of the decorative treatment of a room or building. 

Architectural hardware can be made from iron, steel, brass, aluminium or other metals, including plastics, for use in all types of buildings.

Avoca Architectural Hardware & Locksmith deal with many leading manufacturers including but not limited too: 

Architectural Door Handles - Central Coast

Central Coast Architectural Hardware Avoca supply architects, builders, DIY handymen and the general public with a large range of architectural hardware products. Our business has evolved into a major supplier of architectural hardware to the residential and commercial market on the Central Coast.

We have access to over 120,000 lines of quality hardware from leading manufactures. 

We also have a large range of security products including design and implementation of residential and commercial restricted master key systems, electronic digital access control, wireless locks and security alarms. 

Avoca Architectural Hardware

Types of Handles and Locks

We retail a wide range of architectural hardware including door handles and locks. 

We have been servicing the Central Coast for over 30 years and have a fully qualified locksmith available at all times. 

If you are looking for designer door handles or locks, we have you covered.

Our range includes:

Avoca Architectural Hardware & Locksmith Service the Central Coast & Surrounding suburbs